If you own a website and you need content for your website, you have two main options. One, you can buy website content (hire a writer) or two, decide to write the content yourself. Website content obviously includes many things and not just written content. In this article, however, our focus will be on articles, written website page content, etc.

Advantages of writing your own website content

1. Saves money

Most website owners prefer writing their own site content because they will save the money they would have otherwise used to pay writers. This is totally understandable for website owners with a limited budget. It’s however not the best idea as you will see below.

Disadvantages of writing your own website content

1. Worst idea if you are a bad writer

You should only attempt to write your own website content if you are a good writer otherwise you'll compromise the quality of your site from the onset. It may not seem like a big deal, but Google has advanced algorithms that assess content quality before ranking websites.

Attempting to write articles for your website when you are not a good writer isn’t, therefore, a good idea. You'll save some money initially. However, your website will have a hard time ranking high on Google.

2. Takes time

It takes a lot of time to prepare high-quality website content, so if you have time constraints, you are better off hiring a writer. Furthermore, running a website is time-consuming, so you want to concentrate on more important tasks that you are good at.

3. There’s more to online content writing

Contrary to popular belief, being a good writer isn’t enough when you are creating site content that you want to rank highly on Google. The best content writers are not only good writers but great SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts.

If you don’t understand keyword optimization, meta tags, title tags among other SEO terms and techniques, don't try creating your own website articles.

Advantages of hiring writers

1. High-quality content

You can never go wrong with website articles/content if you are dealing with professional writers. As mentioned above, being a good writer isn't enough when you want content that will stand out online. Hiring professional writers is the only way to guarantee quality.

When you have high-quality content on your website, you don’t have to worry about ranking on Google. Furthermore, there are quality checks that writing sites perform so you can never receive bad content when working with a reputable website content company.

2. It's not as expensive as many website owners think

Costs for getting website articles, press releases, eBooks, rewrites written have gone down significantly. There are very many good article writing services like iwriter which offer content for as low as $1.25.

When you use such article writing services, you can have articles written at a very low cost. Of course, you need to spend a bit more money to get content that stands out, but you get the idea. There are millions of good writers online waiting to help you build your site at very reasonable prices.

3. Saves time

As mentioned before, it takes time to create outstanding website content. Hiring writers allows you to concentrate on more important site tasks. When you work with the best article writing services, you have access to millions of writers at any given time. After giving instructions, just wait for a few minutes to hours to get the job done.

4. Scaling is easy

When you are working alone, the amount of content you can create is limited. Hiring writers allows you to prepare as much content as you want at any given time. Considering website owners rank highly when they create a lot of high-quality content in a short time, working with a team of writers is better. There is no limit to how much content you can prepare for your website which in turn gives you an unmatched competitive advantage.

5. You can find all kinds of writers online today

If you prefer to write your own website content because you think you can’t find good native English writers or writers who can prepare content in your native language, think twice. There are countless writers online capable of writing in any language.

Although there are more English writers globally, you can find good writers regardless of your native language. You can also find writers who can write all types of content from website pages to press releases and newsletters. There is no excuse really for writing your own website content if you don’t want to do it!

Disadvantages of hiring writers

1. It costs some money to get great content

You can get cheap articles all over the internet. However, you must be willing to pay more to get high-quality content that will make a significant difference to your Google ranking. This isn't a bad thing.

Like everything else, you must be willing to pay more to get better quality content. This explains why article writing services rank writers. The highest rated writers get the best pay for obvious reasons.


You can decide to create your own site content if you are a great writer and have some basic knowledge on writing content that is capable of ranking high on Google. The main reason for creating website content is to make sure people can find your site easily when they search on Google.

Google still controls 90% of all internet traffic so you can’t afford to lag behind on all matters content. You may enjoy some savings preparing your own content, but you stand to lose more in the long run. Furthermore, it’s very easy to find great writers online today.

It’s also affordable to work with expert writers if you work with article writing services like iwriter. You’ll also save time. Your opportunities will also be limitless online since you can run multiple websites with ease. Content creation is a tedious process. Hire writers and watch your website/s thrive.